Welcome to Atma Astrology! I am currently offering three types of astrology readings: natal, medical, and yearly. Take a look at those respective pages for more information on the readings and how to schedule with me. If you are interested in a reading for your relationship, wearing gemstones, choosing an auspicious time (muhurta), or regarding your finances, then please see my Reports page--these are very accurate and affordable reports created by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, that tell you what I would have told you in a reading. 

You can learn more about my background here, and my approach to astrology here. For an orientation to the function and purpose of the astrologer and astrology readings, see my essay Function and Purpose. For insight into my calculation preferences (zodiac, ayanamsha), see my essay Zodiacs and Ayanamsha. If you are curious what an astrology reading from me is like, check out my Testimonials page. 

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Neeshee Pandit

"Surya" by  Srishti Wilhelm

"Surya" by Srishti Wilhelm

Lotus seated, lotus in hand, 
brilliant as a lotus flower and sitting
in a seven horse drawn chariot
with two arms is the Sun.