Astrological Counseling

Astrological Counseling sessions differ from astrology readings in significant ways—and both have their purposes. Astrology readings are a time for the client to be receptive to what the astrologer sees and says. It is mostly a passive process for the client, in which they simply listen to what is being said and perhaps ask questions or respond in natural ways. In contrast, astrological counseling sessions are a time for the client to share and for the astrologer to receptively listen while seeing the patient’s birth chart. This is similar to traditional psychoanalysis (or “talk therapy”), but the astrologer has the additional tool of the birth chart.

Over time, I have found that listening to my patients often provides me with the most significant information, and allows me to feel and see them at another level. This allows me to offer a depth of direct guidance and counsel that is sometimes harder to access simply by reading the birth chart to the person for an hour or longer. It should be understood that the astrologer (or any kind of healer) is always “reading” the patient, even if it seems like the patient is just talking and the astrologer just listening. What is necessary for the patient to heal is not so hidden but readily apparent in all that they presently are.

Astrological counseling sessions are psychologically and therapeutically focused. It is for people who are not merely curious about their chart, but who are interested in a holistic therapeutic process that unfolds over time. These sessions are for people who are looking for a therapist or counselor, but are interested in a more holistic approach than the modern Western psychological model. In my view, there is no one better equipped to fulfill the role of a therapist and counselor than an astrologer, and this has always been traditionally understood. Astrological counseling sessions are not focused on any particular type of issue, but rather the treatment of the whole person. These sessions are open to a range of individuals—from self-discovery and self-understanding to existing psychological imbalances to relationship counseling (individually or as a couple), and so on.

My therapeutic approach is informed by a diversity of influences, Eastern and Western. My Eastern influences come from the traditions of Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine, and the unique understanding these traditions have of the mind-body connection. My Western influences come from the schools of psychoanalysis, depth psychology, and Transpersonal psychology, particularly from such pioneers as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. However, psychology is only a doorway to the world of Spirituality, which is where true wisdom comes from. Thus, my approach to psychological healing is most deeply informed by the Spiritual Teachings of my Guru, Avatar Adi Da Samraj. I believe that it is only when the mind is healed that the heart of Spirit can dawn. While I am not a professional or academically-certified psychologist or counselor, I consider my study and experiences to be more than sufficient to offer a depthful process to those searching for healing at this level.

Astrological counseling sessions require a commitment. I am interested in patients who are willing to engage the process with the seriousness and commitment it requires. Patients must be agree to sessions for a minimum period of three months, with the frequency and number of sessions is determined individually after an initial session. Payment is made for all sessions upfront, but for those who cannot afford it all at once, payment plans are offered. The purpose of my offering these sessions is not for my own gain as much as it is an expression of my own desire to create a more fulfilling and therapeutically beneficial process for people.

All sessions are done via Zoom, a free videoconference software which can be downloaded here. There is no time limit on sessions, but I recommend setting aside 2 hours in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed.