About Atma Astrology

"In order to be a good physician
One has to be a minor astrologer,
And in order to be a good astrologer
One has to be a minor physician."
(Tibetan Saying)

Astrology has always piqued my curiosity for its accurate and revealing descriptions of my life-patterns. It was not until I began studying Ayurvedic and Tibetan Medicine that my interest in astrology acquired depth. As the above quoted saying illustrates, astrology has been an essential aspect of medical practice in India, Tibet, and China for thousands of years. It immediately struck me as the missing piece of the puzzle in understanding my patients' constitution, tendency for specific imbalances, nature and duration of diseases, and so on.  After seeing my patients in person, I began looking at their birth charts to see what else I might discover that would make the treatment more effective. It quickly became obvious to me that astrology is an indispensable tool to use in conjunction with medicine. The birth chart began to fill in what I could not gather from my consultations, and so my interest blossomed. 

Vedic astrology is known in Sanskrit as Jyotişa. Jyoti means "light", thus Jyotişa is the study of the all-pervading light that illuminates the cosmos and the heart of man. As Ayurveda and astrology teach, the human being is a reflection of the cosmos--the macrocosm in the microcosm. The human being is a participant in a cosmic play, patterned by forces that extend beyond the locally apparent sphere. The five elements are not unique to Earth, just as the three doshas are not unique to human beings. The five elements and three doshas are universal and cosmic descriptions of the play of life-energy.

Prana is manifested in three forms: solar energy (agni), lunar energy (soma), and etheric energy (marut). Space itself is the context and support of all manifestation and as such is the vibrational flow of prana, the mover and sustainer of forms, the space and air elements, and vata dosha. For our solar system, the sun is the source of agni, and thereby of fire element and pitta dosha. The Earth's moon is the source of soma, and thereby the water and earth elements, and kapha dosha.

Naturally, Medical astrology (or Āyurjyotişa) is the first branch of astrology I studied. But that was only the beginning of an entire world of knowledge and study. Truly, the ancient Vedic sciences of Ayurveda and Jyotişa are bottomless fields of study. There is no true mastery of them, and the amount of knowledge that can be acquired within them is not possible to fathom. Practitioners of these great sciences embark upon a life-long journey of study and practice. Yet, in the context of this vast process, a practitioner of good competency should offer his knowledge in service to others--and it is in this spirit that I have created Atma Astrology.