True Soma: Essay on Blood Moon Eclipse

The Total Lunar Eclipse is only a few days away on January 20! This is a "Blood Moon" eclipse that will be visible from the United States, beginning on the night of the 20th at 8:36pm CST, with the maximum eclipse at 11:12pm CST. 

In writing about this eclipse, I explored the meaning of Rahu in Cancer and Pushya nakshatra. I also used the Cards of Truth system to look at the birth card of this eclipse as well as its relationship to the partial solar eclipse which preceded it. It is very interesting to me the way that the solar and lunar eclipses echo each other, or form a single pattern. I also explored several related topics including the nature of eclipse cycles, the differences between solar and lunar eclipses, the nature of north vs. south node eclipses, and a consideration of remedial measures. 

I would recommend reading my earlier essay on the partial solar eclipse ("The Creative Mastery of Inner and Outer Life") before reading this one, as everything I said there still applies. This essay is more of an expansion of that. Enjoy! 

True Soma - The Total Lunar Eclipse of January 20, 2019