Q&A: Predictions For The Kali Yuga?

A client asked a great question today that I thought would be interesting for everyone. 

QUESTION: Neeshee, some Vedic astrologers are making dire prediction like the world is coming to an end, that we will experience natural disasters, calamities, billions will die, and such.

Others are saying it is a time of great transformations for all mankind and individuals.

What is your take on all these astrological patterns?

ANSWER: That is a very good question. Light and dark are two sides of the same coin, so it is possible to notice them simultaneously. You can say that the times are dark right now but you can also say that it is a great moment of transformation and evolution--and both could be seen as true. 

As for dire astrological predictions, I do not believe that what is to come is predictable. You can of course plot the current pattern of things and see what would happen if that just continued. But that is a fatalistic stance that I do not agree with. There is the possibility for change and nothing is set in stone. I see the current moment more as an opportunity. What is useful from an astrological perspective is to help people consciously harmonize with a positive destiny. I do not think it is useful to make apocalyptic predictions because it appeals to people's fears and anxieties, and more often leaves them less empowered to do what could make a difference. Ultimately, it depends on whether you believe life is a rigged system, that whatever is going to happen is going to happen anyways, or whether you feel it is possible to be a creative participant. In other words, should we just resign to Saturn or should we aspire to be the Sun?

Transformation is by its very nature the friction between birth and death. Something is dying and something new is taking shape. If you get too focused on either extreme, then you lose the bigger picture. It can seem like everything is dying and falling apart (apocalypse) or it can seem like something new is emerging (evolution). Neither one is absolutely true in itself. We are certainly living in a transformative time--whether it results in something evolutionary or simply becomes a new version of the same old thing remains to be seen and depends on the choices we make as a collective. Fundamentally, astrology is about living a conscious life, and the light of consciousness is the only remedy for darkness. 

I'll leave you with the words of my Guru, from a talk He gave in 1993 titled "The Happiness That Transcends The World": 

"DEVOTEE: Beloved Master, You refer to this era as the "dark" time. Is that reference specifically relative to human existence? Or is this time 'dark' in relation to existence altogether? 

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: This is the 'dark' time in terms of human existence--but everything else is affected by humankind. Existence is a Unity. 

If you watch the 'daily news', or otherwise stay in touch with what is happening in the 'world', it is not difficult to perceive that this is a rather 'dark' time, and not a 'new age' or 'golden age'. Especially since the nineteenth century, the idea of 'progress' has been heavily promoted. For a long while, people were even hopeful about manifesting utopia via science and technology. Various cultural devices have likewise been promoted based on that utopian idealism, that notion of 'progress'. In the 1960s and 1970s especially, and even up until now, people have been promoting 'new-age consciousness', 'new-age religion', and so on. These, too, are based on the current idealism about 'progress' that began especially in the mid-nineteenth century. 

However, the 'world' is now in a period of time in which one can see what is actually happening as a result of idealizing the notion of 'progress'. Not too long from now, not only human life but even life of any kind on this planet could become untenable. This is at time of political and social and cultural degradation and upheaval. There is the potential for profound destruction and the death of billions of human beings. 

Changes must be made--and they are not being made presently. All kinds of things should be straightened out relative to the effects humankind is having on the Earth-environment. All kinds of changes should be made politically and socially, on a global scale, through cooperative efforts and embrace of right principles. But that is not being done. The effort toward competition and falseness is continuing. 

Of course, the situation on Earth will not necessarily be so bad that no life is tenable. Life, including human life, may continue on this planet. It just depends on how human beings do it. It just depends on how much of this 'dark' result human beings collectively wind up manufacturing. It is not 'written'. It is up to you.

. . .The Heart Is Paradise, regardless of the signs of the times. . .The general history to come is 'dark', and you should take that possibility seriously. Others in the past have lived in 'dark' times, too. Just because the 'late-time' (or 'dark' epoch) is occurring on a bigger scale this time, and appearing on TV, does not mean that others in the past have not lived and suffered through, and died in, 'dark' times. 

. . .Do not expect utopia to happen on Earth. The times are "dark". It will be so. Perhaps something better can be done--that is to be seen. The manifestation of something better in the "world" requires that you also participate in the process of transformation. . .Who knows how long the Earth will be a survivable place for human beings? This is not the only "world", in any case--and you were always going to die. Death is guaranteed, anyway. As the "world" takes on the color of death, you must more and more take on the color of the Heart". 

(Quotation excerpted from My 'Bright' Form, pp. 234 - 237, Copyright © 2016 ASA).