"You must become sensitive to yourself and understand yourself, and through your sensitivity observe your physical existence fully. Then you must observe your etheric existence, your existence as energy, and begin to function consciously as energy in relation to others. Be useful to others, but also be alive as energy. Be free. Be balanced. Be sensitive to your psyche. Be sensitive to the contents of your conscious awareness. Do not shut them off. Become capable of dreams, of reverie, and of being psychic. Be sensitive to your archetypes, the poetry and metaphors of your conscious awareness. Allow them to be legitimized. In other words, legitimize "subjective" existence. You must legitimize it before you can transcend it. 

You must become sensitive to yourself not just as a physical being, but as an etheric and psychic being. To become so sensitive is a matter of ordinary human learning. Even someone who has fully learned all this has not begun the process of Spiritual life. It is just the ordinary equipment of human beings. But when human beings become responsible for this ordinary equipment, then they can grow beyond it, transform it, and make it usable in a higher sense. 

Human beings are not here merely to grow wheat and make computers! To be socially productive is just one aspect of human existence, and people have no business being devoted to it exclusively. You must develop a free human existence and be free to grow in dimensional terms. You live as energy. You live as light. You live in the Infinite Domain of Real God. This is self-evident when you become sensitive enough to break out of your mind-set."

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Conductivity Healing, pp. 59-60