The Sun: Light, Life, and Awareness

"In the older cultures, the visible sun and its light were and are worshipped and concentrated upon for the sake of physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual transformation. As such, the sun is viewed as a kind of icon, a living symbol in the universe for the Divine Sun or Prior Light that is Creative relative to the world. However, such practices, as well as their more esoteric counterparts, which conceive of the Sun within and subtly above for the same purpose, are expressions of a view of the world and of conscious existence in which Light (the Sun itself) is acknowledged as Truth and its emanations (sunlight) exploited as a method or way to Truth. 

. . . Although the Principle of Light may be senior to the Principle of Life, it is itself secondary to the Principle of the Awareness of both Life and Light. And all three of these Principles, which together form the foundation of every kind of esoteric and extraordinary knowledge, are fundamentals of the World-Process". 

--Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"Light Is A Great Temptation",
Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun, p. 225