Carmina's Cards of Truth Deck

Just received a new Cards of Truth deck designed by Carmina-Adelina Amza

This is a beautiful deck of cards. What I especially like about Carmina's deck is the quality of purity and balance. The cards are completely white which allows for the colors of the suits to remain prominent. There is a sattvic quality to this deck, a simple but potent communication of the symbols and qualities of the suits, colors, and numbers. Carmina's portrayal of the personifications (Jack, Queen, King) are also the best I have seen so far.

People might not think too much about card decks, but they do make a difference in card readings. A good deck presents a clear communication of the rich meaning of the cards but without too much interpretation, allowing the reflective space for the reader to see what is of significance in the moment of the reading. 

This deck is inspiring me to do some card readings! Much thanks to Carmina for designing this. I highly recommend this deck for anyone who is doing card readings, especially in the Cards of Truth system.