Ace of Spades Synchronicities

Last week, my fiancé got a new Tarot deck and was testing it out. She spread the cards out and asked me to choose one. I drew and turned it over--The Sun! She picked up all the cards and shuffled them, and then asked me to draw again. I picked the Sun card again! It felt like the message was loud and clear, so I did not draw any more cards after that. 

Later in the day, I was feeling like I should check my Year Spread to see when I'll be running a new card. It turns out I was starting a new card the very next day--and this synchronicity of checking my Year Spread a day before I start a new card has happened now 4 times in a row. What is more interesting though is the card I was starting the next day: Ace of Spades, the Sun card! It seemed like the Tarot reading earlier in the day was just an omen of what was to come. 

The Ace of Spades is the "key" card for the Spades suit, because Spades are the first suit and Ace is the first card. Ace of Spades is agni, the creative fire that is the foundation of all life. The Ace of Spades thus carries all the astrological connotations of the Sun: foundation, steadfastness, reliability, creativity, inspiration, the manifestation of light. The Spades suit represents the tree, that which grows toward the Sun. We can see how the Spade resembles the tree, but we can also see how the Spade resembles a flame. 

I've been running the Ace of Spades for a week now and I've observed several synchronicities:

1. The day I started the Ace of Spades is the day I started teaching my first introductory course on Ayurveda and Astrology. 

2. I spontaneously began intensifying my intake of raw green foods. I also started doing more yoga and going for longer walks every day. 

3. The start of this card coincided with some really beautiful sunny days here. I was noticing my desire to be outside to soak up the sunshine and how good it felt. On one day, Nicole and I even sat outside on our porch and had lunch under the full sun, enjoying its warmth and vitality. I did not even realize the connection between these activities and the Ace of Spades until a few days later. 

4. I started harmonizing with the natural cycle of the Sun. I am waking up to meditate before sunrise. I noticed that when I start my morning routine of Suyra Namaskar now, I am actually greeting the rising Sun, without planning to. 

The theme of this card, as I am experiencing it, is purification and re-vitalization. Indeed, these are the two functions of fire: the burning of toxins and the radiance of vitality. Since starting this card, I have been feeling a level of physical and energetic vitality I have not felt in a long time. Psychologically, I feel radiant, stable, inspired, and creative. What I am feeling is the harmony between the physical and etheric bodies (annamayakosha and pranamayakosha). According to Adi Da, the harmonious conjunction of these two bodies is the principle of all healing. Adi Da also describes how the hierarchy of manifest existence can be perceived through yogic vision as a mandala of lights. He describes the physical body (and gross dimension) as "red" and the etheric body (and energetic dimension) as "yellow". In "Conductivity Healing", Adi Da writes: 

"The physical is the red realm, and the etheric is the yellow realm. Healing is a matter of keeping the conjunction between yellow and red in balance, and flowing. . . ".

When red and yellow are harmoniously integrated, we have the image of a flame. This is the true secret of agni. If we can understand what it means for the physical and etheric bodies to enjoy a harmonious integration, then we can begin to understand what the ancient healers meant when they asserted that agni was the foundation of health. The truly balanced agni is not only the fire of physical digestion, but the ignited flame of the physical and energetic bodies when they are in resonance. The "yellow-red conjunction" is a deeper meaning of agni as the "flame" that keeps us vitalized. 

We all have to be more like trees--green and growing in the light of the Sun. This is the meaning of the Spade. Eventually, the leaves of the tree fall to the ground to nourish the Earth and the seeds of new life. This is the meaning of the Diamond, the crystals forged by fire. 

I am consistently amazed at the "magic" of the cards, the depth of their meaning, and how well the patterns they indicate are seen in life. I know others who are familiar with the Cards of Truth who have observed similar synchronicities. If so, comment and share your experience! 

"The Law of life is sacrifice, or unqualified relationship, and the Instrumental Source of life is the Transcendental Sun or Light, the Vibratory Radiance or Current felt to permeate body, mind, and world with its all-pervading Presence, Spirit, or Breath". 

--Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun

Ace of Spades card photo is from a Cards of Truth deck designed by Carmina-Adelina Amza.

Carmina's Cards of Truth Deck

Just received a new Cards of Truth deck designed by Carmina-Adelina Amza

This is a beautiful deck of cards. What I especially like about Carmina's deck is the quality of purity and balance. The cards are completely white which allows for the colors of the suits to remain prominent. There is a sattvic quality to this deck, a simple but potent communication of the symbols and qualities of the suits, colors, and numbers. Carmina's portrayal of the personifications (Jack, Queen, King) are also the best I have seen so far.

People might not think too much about card decks, but they do make a difference in card readings. A good deck presents a clear communication of the rich meaning of the cards but without too much interpretation, allowing the reflective space for the reader to see what is of significance in the moment of the reading. 

This deck is inspiring me to do some card readings! Much thanks to Carmina for designing this. I highly recommend this deck for anyone who is doing card readings, especially in the Cards of Truth system.

Partial Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018

The last eclipse of 2018 is a partial solar eclipse starting August 11 at 3:00am (CST) and concluding at 6:30am (CST). This eclipse season has been a pattern of endings and release, letting go and moving on--and Pluto has been a primary planetary influence at each eclipse. This pattern reached its apex with the total lunar eclipse, a potency that tomorrow's eclipse cannot rival. In that sense, tomorrow's eclipse is bringing resolution and completion to all that has been stirred in the past two eclipses. 

This partial eclipse is a North node eclipse (Rahu) in Saros Series 155. Brady Bernadette writes of this eclipse family: 

"If this family of eclipses affects a chart, the person will experience the sudden collapse of plans or life-styles. Confusion may reign but the long-term effects are those of rebuilding and transformation. After the dust has settled, the rebuilding starts and the consequences of this reshaping will have far-reaching effects. This eclipse family changes a person's direction through the sudden collapse of an existing structure."

As I've done with the last two eclipses, I will look at the overall pattern of the eclipse by examining the first eclipse in the series. The first eclipse of Saros 155 was on June 17, 1928 at 20:41. The birth card is a King of Clubs. King cards are ruled by Pluto, so we see the Plutonian pattern immediately. In the birth spread for Saros 155, the Pluto card is an Ace of Clubs, the birth card for the total lunar eclipse. We can see that tomorrow's eclipse is an evolute of what preceded it. The last eclipse was a Ketu eclipse, a stirring of the unconscious, of past patterns, of all that has been repressed and suppressed. Tomorrow's eclipse is a Rahu eclipse, calling us to assimilate what has been brought to the surface. It is the resolution of the lunar eclipse. 

Bernadette has aptly observed that this eclipse family brings about "sudden collapse of an existing structure". Ketu is initially our security with the familiar, our comfort in karmic merit, but over time, Ketu disillusions us with all of those things and we find the things of Ketu slipping through our fingers. This is when we arrive at Rahu, the great exposer of Ketu, who leads us to the unfamiliar, confronting, but necessary territories of evolutionary potential. 

The eclipse is happening in the sign of Leo and nakshatra of Aslesha. Aslesha is symbolized by a serpent coiled at the base of the spine, an illustration of the Kundalini Shakti, the evolutionary energy that is latent in man. Aslesha, therefore, is a nakshatra of energetic awakening and transformation. It is described as having a "poisonous" energy, just as Rahu and Ketu are described as poisonous serpents. Eclipses, in general, are described as a "poisonous" time. We should understand that the serpent's bite is venomous to the ego, but is ambrosial for transformation. 

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde. Mars and Ketu are conjunct, Pluto and Saturn are conjunct, and Mercury is joining the eclipse. It can be challenging to utilize such intense energies, which is why it can be wise to lay low during the eclipse and the days after. This is not the moment to articulate a big communication or to make something happen. It is a time of allowing the shift to take place and discovering new direction. Retrograde planets are not anything to fear--their energy is just stronger. Mars and Ketu is a difficult conjunction, as is Saturn and Pluto, so its not a time to push the limits of will and stamina. Mercury with Rahu especially shadows communication, so this is really a time to think twice before you speak. People with significant planets in the Leo/Aquarius axis may also be experiencing intense and even violent dreams right now. We have to humble ourselves in the face of such powerful energies, rather than think we have it all together and go about life as usual. This is why, traditionally, eclipses were seen as powerful omens, and a time to drop out from the ordinary patterns of life at an internal level. 

Rahu and Ketu have been transiting the Leo/Aquarius axis for a year and a half, so people with significant planets in Leo or Aquarius have been feeling these eclipses a lot. The past year has likely been a full spectrum experience for such people. Some relief is on the way as Rahu and Ketu will change signs on November 15, moving into Cancer and Capricorn respectively. This will be an intense time, however, for people with significant planets in Capricorn because Pluto and Saturn are still there. Pluto in Capricorn makes this eclipse significant for people with important planets in Capricorn, even if they are not affected by the Leo/Aquarius axis. The reason is because this eclipse season has been a Plutonian event, and whoever Pluto is affecting right now will experience that magnification. But it will be more or less of the same for them, whereas for others, it has felt more like a sudden and dramatic shift. 

We should take this time to release and resolve, to become more conscious of our purpose and direction in life. Eclipses are a great time to re-assess things. It can be disconcerting to re-assess the big things in life, but deeply fruitful if we can appreciate that what exists outside of our comfort zone is among the most creative and catalyzing of potentials. Life is not fatalistic, but creative, and eclipses are a transformational window wherein we can realize another level of freedom and energy. In the words of my Guru, Adi Da Samraj: 

"From the Spiritual point of view, the future is a creative potential, not a predetermined destiny. Very often, a mysterious indication will arise--the intuitive awareness of a tendency that is operating or a possibility that is presenting itself. But True Sadhana is not determined by tendencies or premonitions. True sadhana always involves creative participation in the conditions of born existence. True Sadhana allows the Graceful transformation of time and space into the Conscious Spiritual Event. There may be intuitive indications of tendencies, of possibilities, of things that might occur--but all of this arises in relation to the Living Divine Heart, and (therefore) none of it is absolutely predetermined."