Seasonal Gaps of Transformation

Some interesting shifts today. Uranus entered Taurus again after completing its retrograde cycle in Aries. It is also a New Moon in Pisces. And Mercury began its retrograde cycle (which will end March 28). Also worth mentioning is the Spring Equinox exactly two weeks away (March 20). 

A lot of initiatory energy! Inspiration is on the rise as the Sun gets closer to its exaltation in Aries on March 20. This is a great time to consider how you want to conduct all the creative energy that is starting to blossom. We are now in the transitional space between seasons, further magnified by Uranus entering Taurus and Mercury going retrograde. These transitional spaces can feel unsettling, precisely because it is "in between" things. 

We are so used to motion that we often forget about the precious opportunity of space. The "gap" of a seasonal cusp is a time to connect with what is happening in your life (internally and externally) without the burdens of motion. Space gives us clarity, so use it to process what you don't need to carry into the next season, and to feel what you would like to manifest anew. The soil is growing fertile--what weeds do you want to pull and which seeds do you want to sprout?