Uranus Enters Taurus

There are some notable astrological shifts today. First, it is a New Moon in Gemini, where the Moon also joins Venus. Second, Uranus entered Taurus after spending the last 7 years in Aries. Since Uranus only changes signs every 7 years, this is a big shift. Has anyone noticed patterns in their life around 7- year cycles?

 Taurus is a fixed sign, ruled by the Earth element and the planet Venus. Opposite of tumultuous Scorpio, Taurus is the sign of stability. Uranus in Taurus indicates the development of material resources, or all that is concrete and foundational. This is only a general indicator, as the effect of Uranus depends mostly on its sign and house placement in the chart. For those of you with Ascendant, Ascendant Lord, Sun, or Moon in Taurus, this will be a significant period of individual growth for you. This is also indicated if Uranus is transiting your 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house. The synchronicity of this Uranus transit with the New Moon is interesting and shows that new patterns in consciousness are starting to emerge.

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In honor of this transit, I've written an essay on the outer planets and their transformative role in human development, titled Outer Planets and The Patterns of Inner Development. By no means definitive or complete, I hope it provides some insight into the unique function of these mysterious outer planets.