Do Vāta Types Need Meat?

Do vāta types need to eat meat to stay grounded? This is a very common scenario I encounter with my patients. It is a complex issue, so I decided to write an article to share why I think meat (and heavy foods) are not necessary for vāta people to stay grounded. I explore this from the perspectives of Ayurvedic pathology as well as through considering some differences between Vedic and Tantric philosophies. 

Excerpt: There is a common misconception that people of vāta constitution need to eat meat (or heavy foods in general) in order to stay "grounded". Invariably, my vāta patients seem to confirm this hypothesis when they tell me that they need to eat meat to feel grounded. The practice of using something heavy in nature to balance what is perceived as being too light is, in fact, one of the fundamentals of Ayurvedic medical theory. While this practice possesses a certain wisdom about balancing with opposites, it also has some shortcomings. Therefore, I would like to consider this issue of groundedness and diet from a more expansive lens.

Full article:…/154610…/Grounding+Vāta.pdf

Stay tuned for more articles, the next one will be focused on the upcoming partial solar eclipse of Jan 6.