The Dawn of Spring

March 21 marks the vernal equinox, the first day of Spring, and the beginning of the tropical zodiac as the Sun makes its ingress into Aries. The Sun is Exalted in Aries and casting the fullness of its light on the northern hemisphere, giving us an equal day and night. Thus, the first day of Spring is something like the beginning of an astrological new year, a new energetic cycle, a time to celebrate the renewal of life as the dormancy of Winter gives way to the rebirth of nature.

The Sun is the giver of life, Leo the Lion is his vehicle, and his radiance is boundless in independent and creative Aries. The Sun rules the heart but is exalted in the head. The flow of life-energy enters our body through the head, but life is only expressed through the heart as love. Similarly, the Sun finds expression through his sign Leo, the noble and dignified Lion, but his radiance is unlimited on the pioneering path of Aries who follows the passion of inspiration. The Sun's Exaltation in the sign of Mars shows us that creativity is action, that the expression of inspiration requires the healthy use of the will and moral strength of character.

The dawn of Spring is an opportunity to breathe in the light of life and feel refreshed in what inspires you. It is only when we move with the flow of inspiration that our action becomes a creative expression of love, lifting us beyond the confines of patterned destiny.