Healing With Cards of Truth Course

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Healing With Cards of Truth Course

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Healing with The Cards of Truth (Level One)

This course will be taught by Neeshee Pandit and Carmina Amza. Neeshee is a Vedic Astrologer, Card Reader, and practitioner of Asian Medicine (Ayurveda, Tibetan, Chinese). Carmina Amza is a talented and insightful Card Reader and Vedic Astrologer. We are fusing our knowledge, practice, and inspirations to create the Healing With The Cards of Truth course.

”Healing With The Cards of Truth” is an original course that illustrates the theory and practice of medical astrology in the context of the Cards of Truth system. In a period of 12 weeks, we will focus on a range of topics that present the medical and healing connotations of the cards, and how to apply this knowledge, personally or professionally. We look forward to articulating and sharing these concepts in order to broaden he horizons of what can be seen, read, and practiced with the Cards of Truth system.

The Cards of Truth present us with a wide and diverse view of patterns. The 52 cards themselves are simply a description of the cycles and stages of nature. The manifestation of nature in the human body-mind is what medicine observes, articulates, and harmonizes. These natural patterns manifest in the human body as the process of health and disease. We will consider how to read these correlations to expand the meaning and application of the Cards of Truth system. We will explore how to identify the level of disease (physical, energetic, mental, karmic), the stage of disease (early to chronic), as well as auspicious timing for medical procedures, and optimal modalities for healing. We will also look at the Cards of Truth within the context of traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Homeopathy.

These classes are for people who already have a basic working knowledge of the principles of astrology and the Cards of Truth system. Introductory courses for the Cards of Truth system are available here: www.cardsoftruth.com.

Where, When, and How
Healing With The Cards of Truth is a 12-week course. Each class is 2hrs in length. These classes will be a balance of theory and practice. We will be using participant’s charts interactively. The classes will be held live via Zoom and will be limited to a small number of participants (5-7) so that everyone has the chance to speak and share, practice reading the cards, and to ask relevant questions.

The classes will take place each Saturday starting September 28 for twelve weeks. Timings per location are given below.

United States: 9am HST / 12pm PDT / 1pm CDT / 3pm EDT
Europe: 8pm BST / 9pm Central Europe / 10pm Eastern Europe

$450. After each session, participants will receive the class recording along with a class manual.

If you miss a class, no worries! You can watch the recording and send us any questions you have via email.

Carmina’s website: www.yourstarsaligned.com