Medical Astrology Reading

Bindu by Tashi Mannox

Bindu by Tashi Mannox


Acupuncture came out of the same milieu as astrology--astrology, perhaps, even being senior to it in some sense. Acupuncture is based on showing a design of correspondences that relate to the physical body. Astrology is doing exactly the same procedure to find out its "acupuncture points in the sky" (so to speak) to generate patterns that are useful tools for looking at the ground plan "below" it (so to speak)--the total world, big picture things, anything really. . .Astrology is a profound system based on the observation of patterns. Patterns simply correspond to one another--and, if you see something in a small one, there are correspondences in the big one. Thus, astrology is simply about noting very much in detail how those correspondences work out--not merely for the sake of prediction, but for the sake of noticing this design, observing and noting the pattern that is patterning, with clarity about everything.

Adi Da Samraj
"Klik Klak: The Pattern Patterning"

Medical Astrology: An Ancient Tradition
Astrology has been used in conjunction with healing practices since ancient times. It is only in recent times that the practice of medicine has been separated from astrological considerations. As Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, remarked, "A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician". This understanding is mirrored in the Tibetan saying, "To be a superior physician, one must be at least a mediocre astrologer; to be a superior astrologer, one must at least be a mediocre physician". Astrology and medicine were practiced together (and seen as a single science) in Greek medicine by individuals such as Hippocrates who famously remarked, "A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician. Astrology has likewise been part and parcel of the Eastern medical traditions including Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, and TCM for thousands of years. 

Astrology As Cosmic Acupuncture
Astrology truly is a form of "cosmic acupuncture". Local acupuncture recognizes the energetic patterns of disharmony in terms of the psycho-physical anatomy of the human being (meridians, vital points, organs, five elements). Cosmic acupuncture examines the patterns of disharmony originating at the "points" in the sky which are the planets, nakshatras, and twelve zodiac signs.  All disease is an imbalance in the flow of universal life-energy--known as prāna in Ayurveda, rlung in Tibetan Medicine, qi in TCM, and vital force in Homeopathy. It is the cosmic breath which inspires our life, animating us at every level. Restoring the balanced flow of this life-energy is, however, quite an art.

What Is A Medical Astrology Reading?
The natal reading establishes the "why" of your life, but the medical reading establishes the "what".  From a natal reading, you gain the understanding of the patterns ruling your life so you can be purified of them. Thus, in a medical reading, I am examining the "points" in the sky to determine where and how to restore the flow of life-energy in your body. A medical reading proceeds on that basis and helps you re-balance your life, helping you understand what your imbalances are and how to address them holistically. While in a natal reading I am primarily focused on the birth chart, in a medical reading I am examining the birth chart along with several divisional charts and different timing systems to gain a holistic vision of your imbalances. My aim is to identify three things: the origin of your imbalances, their current place of manifestation, and the corresponding therapy. Different systems treat different layers and levels of disease. Therefore, I take a full spectrum approach, making use of Ayurveda, Medical Qigong, and Homeopathy to treat imbalances at any level. For an overview of my approach to healing, see below.  

To schedule a medical reading, please fill out the Medical Questionnaire and email it to Readings are given via videoconference on Zoom and average 60 minutes. The fee for a medical reading is $180. Payment can be made via PayPal below. 

Energy Healing
As an adjunct to the medical reading process, I also offer a form of  energy healing known as Wuji Qigong Therapy. "Wuji" is a traditional Taoist term for the etheric field of life-energy that exists as the "seed" (or embryo) of cosmic manifestation. It is often understood to be the "void" or medium from which everything arises. The embryonic field of the Wuji exists prior to your karmic accumulations, prior to your lifetime accumulations. Therefore, people can often experience a "regression" into deep and distant memories, even past-life recollections. 

When the body comes into tangible conjunction with the Wuji Field of energy, the entire being is brought into coincidence with the Field of Energy that exists prior to all imbalances. It is precisely by "resonating" in this Field of Energy that fundamental and deep-seated tensions are spontaneously released. People often experience a freedom from identification with their difficulties and life-patterns, and instead feel released into the greater field of life-energy in which they inhere. The most fundamental consideration for health and well-being is the integration of the physical body with the life-energy that sustains us.The most profound principle of healing is not the search for a cure, but simply allowing the body-mind to resonate in the state of being that is already healed.

$60/treatment. Treatments last 30mins and can be given from any distance. 

Macro- and Microcosmic Anatomy: The "Where" of Disease

As with the human being, so with the universe. The human being that can be seen is like the apparent (or elemental) dimension of the total cosmic domain. But Pervading the human being Is the Self-Radiant Fire of Divine Transcendental Spiritual Energy. And Pervading That Fire Is Self-Existing Consciousness Itself (or Being Itself). What is to be Found at the "root" of one's own existence is the same as What is to be Found in the depths of cosmic (or conditionally manifested) existence.

Adi Da Samraj

There is a cosmic hierarchy that is equally reflected in the human scale--and that natural hierarchy is comprised of three dimensions and five structures. The three dimensions of manifest existence are gross (physical), subtle (energetic), and causal (root). The five structures are the anatomical layers of all that is manifested and is comprised of a single gross structure, 3 subtle structures, and one causal structure. Vedāntic philosophy describes these five structures as koshas or "sheaths" in the following manner: 

1. Annamāyakosha | The Food Body | Gross | Physical | Waking
2. Prānamāyakosha | The Energy Body | Subtle | Energetic | Dreaming
3. Manomāyakosha | The Sheath of Lower Mind | Subtle | Energetic | Dreaming
4. Vijnānamāyakosha | The Sheath of Higher Mind | Subtle | Energetic | Dreaming
5. Ānandamāyakosha  The Bliss Body | Causal | Root | Sleeping

Everything is a manifestation of Consciousness and Energy. As Consciousness is inherently Self-Radiant, all forms are only modes of Consciousness, and the Radiant Dance of Being is found at every level. Thus, the five koshas are the energetic display of the three common states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and sleeping. 

Modern medicine is rooted in the philosophical orientation of scientific materialism. Scientific materialism reduces spirit to matter, and views everything as physically and objectively existing. Traditional medicine, on the other hand, acknowledges that the human being is not a purely physical phenomenon, but a psycho-physical phenomenon. Traditional medicine is therefore founded on a profound understanding of life: everything is pervaded, lived, and animated by universal life-energy, without which there is no life. As the ancient physician Caraka said: dehā prāna samyoge ayuh, life is the flow of prāna in the body. 

Thus, we can understand our life as a process radiating from the root. From the formless deep of Anandamayakosha, the hum of being manifests as subtle vibration, forming Vijnanamaykosha, the psyche (or soul). Each proceeding kosha is simply a denser vibratory pattern of the same energy that is felt prior to forms as the bliss of Anandamayakosha. The physical body is only the outermost layer of this same vibration. We are not only one body, but truly five bodies. Health and disease now become relevant at each structure, at each kosha. 

The Three Strategies
The three basic strategies (vital, peculiar, solid) represent a chronic tendency to fix attention in the gross physical (as in the case of the vital person), the etheric or emotional-sexual (as in the case of the peculiar person), or the lower mental (as in the case of the solid person). However, each case is a play upon all three capacities of lower life--physical, emotional-sexual, and mental. Each strategic way is equally a mental, emotional, and physical reaction to the dilemma found in manifest life when we persist in reaction to the shock of birth and fail to recollect bodily the inherent pleasurableness of our Condition in Truth. It is simply that each strategy is generated via a characteristic emphasis of one element of our ordinary functional existence.

The three types are a play on Life in which human existence is conceived, on the unconscious basis of the shock of being born, to be a dilemma. The Real Condition may be described as the Sun. Each of the three types or strategies conceives of the Sun in limitation. The vital person conceives of the Sun as a moon, a reflection of itself in fascinating vital forms. Thus, he is always yielding to vital phases as if they were delight, while always suffering in his independent, fleshy mortality. The peculiar person conceives of the Sun as a hole in space, and he is always taking flight from the world through the exit of his own vital weakness. The solid person conceives of the Sun as a stone (dead Life, which is always threatening to reawaken), and he stands on it with the armor of the verbal mind.

Adi Da
The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

Strategy itself is the expression of pathology, and the patterned form of it (in all of its complexity) can be understood within Adi Da's framework of "vital", "peculiar", or "solid". These three strategies are the root-forms by which all pathology is enacted.

The vital person is identified (and thereby stuck) at annanamayakosha, the gross dimension of existence, and the waking state of consciousness. 
The peculiar person is identified (and thereby stuck) at pranamayakosha, the subtle dimension of existence, and the dreaming state of consciousness. 
The solid person is identified (and thereby stuck) at manomayakosha, the subtle dimension of existence, and deep sleep state of consciousness.
One who is free is identified only with Consciousness Itself, prior to all modes, states, dimensions, and structures.  

The only imbalance of truly physical origin are the imbalances that come from poor dietary and lifestyle habits. Even in those cases, elements of deep pathology are still in play, even if not yet the cause of imbalance. More commonly, pathology is nested deep in the koshas, only radiating to physical symptoms over time. Disease must be treated at its place of origin, and not its place of manifestation, if it is to be removed at its root. If the roots of disease are not removed, then it is merely a cut plant, waiting to grow again. 

As each kosha influences the preceding kosha, we can see that pathology which originates at manomayakosha is reflected in pranamayskoha which is finally reflected in annamayakosha as physical symptoms. Similarly, pathology which originates at annamayakosha affects pranamayakosha and eventually manomayakosha. However, as the process of existence is an unfolding from root to periphery, the motion of disease is root to periphery. It is the pathology at manomayakosha that can be fully understood in terms of vital, peculiar, and solid patterns. These patterns can be seen astrologically from the Lajjitaadi Avasthas. 

As the unhealthy strategy is understood, the life-force is gradually restored to balanced flow, and as pranamayakosha regains its health, then (and only then) will annamayakosha show the sign of radiant health. Pranamayakosha is the fulcrum between body and mind, and if treated directly it can help restore the balance of what surrounds it on both ends. Yet this proves merely remedial if treatment of manomayakosha is abandoned in favor of temporary gain. Thus, we cannot escape the necessity for self-understanding. There is no healing without responsibility. We must grow to understand the ways in which we enact our pathology, the imbalancing act we are all involved in. The human being is a self-correcting system and so chronic disease is the sign of patterned intervention, preventing the balancing act that the human process is constantly involved in. We must embrace responsibility for our body through right diet and proper lifestyle habits, and for our mind through self-understanding. Only then can we perceive the Sun as neither a moon, a hole, or a stone, but as the self-radiant dawn on the horizon of Consciousness.

A Full Spectrum Approach
Medicine is not Spiritual. It is physical and etheric and vital. It may have an effect on a person's emotional and mental states in curing at the physical, etheric, and vital levels, but medicine does not have a function in the “higher” levels of mind and psyche, nor does it work on a Spiritual level. Therefore, there are no Spiritual but rather magical feelings sometimes about certain of the healing arts and treatments.

There are kinds of medicine associated with Spiritual traditions. This is true enough. But it does not mean that the medicine itself works on a Spiritual level. Rather, it can be associated with Spiritual understanding of life and (therefore) it can be compatible with Spiritual life and understood in the context of Spiritual life. Medicine itself actually works on the level of the lower sheaths.

Adi Da
Conductivity Healing

A full spectrum approach to healing understands the human being as a mandala, a layered and multi-dimensional reflection of the cosmos. Based on the understanding of the three dimensions and five structures, we can identify disease at its appropriate level and utilize the appropriate treatment. 

Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, and TCM are profound systems for healing annamayakosha and pranamayakosha. These systems emphasize an "outside in" approach, balancing the elemental body (annamayakosha) and thereby affecting the life-force (pranamayakosha). They also make use of unique external therapies to directly affect the pranamayakosha through the annamayakosha (acupuncture, moxabustion, massage). This kosha is ruled by Saturn which is the planet of physical survival and perseverance.  

Medical Qigong, Pranic Healing, Laying On of Hands, and other forms of direct energy address to the life-force are the main therapies to use in balancing pranamayakosha. While the physically-based approach of Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, and TCM affect the pranamayakosha, they do not directly address pranamayakosha. They are still working through the medium of the physical. The most effective approach to treating pranamayakosha is to use energy itself. Thus, energy healing practices are the best therapies for treatment as this level, including practices that the patient can learn to do on his/her own such as pranayama, qigong, meditation. This kosha is ruled by Mars which maintains the intelligent and logical flow of energy through the subtle channels of the body. The health of pranamayakosha can be seen by the condition of Mars. Afflictions to Mars disturb the healthy intelligent flow of life-energy in the body, giving rise to autoimmune conditions. It is through Mars that we harness energy in the form of exertion, willpower, and moral strength of character, just as pranamayakosha energizes annamayakosha, pervading and circulating and animating it altogether.

Homeopathy is the best therapy to use to address pathology that originates at the lower mind, manomayakosha. Homeopathic remedies work at the level of manomayakosha and the effects can be seen most clearly in pranamayakosha. Homeopathy works as a self-reflective mechanism. By reflecting the symptom back to itself, the innate intelligence of body-mind awakens and sees the imbalanced forms of its own activity. C.G. Jung taught that the shadow is the unconscious part of our mind, that parts of us that we find unacceptable, and so to deal with it we project it externally. We then experience our shadow as a symptom (or effect) caused from the outside. Thus, the homeopathic physician finds the remedy for a patient based on the symptoms that patient is experiencing--the cure is coded in the symptom. The chief complaint we are experiencing is actually a reflection of an inner process that we have yet to cognize. Only when we recognize the origin of what we perceive as an outer form do are we able to release it in the mood of responsibility. Homeopathy can enable a person to shift at emotional and psychological levels, enabling them to embrace healthier approaches to living. There is no medicine or therapy that cures, there is only the awakening of greater understanding and responsibility in the individual. Homeopathy is one of the principal means whereby this can occur. This kosha is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is our consciousness, our self-reflected experience, thoughts, feelings, self-image. The Moon has two nodes, Rahu and Ketu, the unconscious and subconscious dimensions of mind. Rahu and Ketu are constantly churning the ocean of our consciousness, bringing the hidden to the surface. Thus, the condition of the Moon and the placements of Rahu and Ketu are important factors in treating manomayakosha.