Medical Astrology Reading

Ayurvedic astrology shows us how to optimize both factors of our health and our destiny, our vitality and karma, so that we can realize our highest potential in life, with our earthly life following the model of heavenly forces and their consciousness-promoting outcomes. Ayurvedic astrology shows us how we can heal ourselves through the stars, bringing the energies of the cosmos into our lives so that we can once more touch the universal light.
— Dr. David Frawley

What Is Medical astrology? 
Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that has been in practice since ancient times. It is only in recent times that the practice of medicine has been separated from astrological considerations and that astrology itself no longer shares the prominence it once did. Traditional systems of medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine utilize their corresponding astrological systems for healing. Similarly, Ayurveda utilizes Vedic astrology to further its scope of diagnosis and treatment. Ayurveda is the science of life and Jyotisha is the science of light. The merging of these two sciences teaches us how to live a life that is full of light. 

What To Expect In A Medical Astrology Reading
In a medical astrology reading, you can expect to gain insight into the following areas: 

1. Your psycho-physical constitution (doshic and planetary type)
2. Planetary influences for health and/or disease
3. Planetary periods and their effects on your health over time
4. Evaluation of health and vitality
5. Auspicious dates for medical procedures
6. Specific concerns and questions you have
7. Consideration of remedial measures (diet, herbs, gemstones, aroma therapy, yogic practices)

Energy Healing
For those who are approaching astrology for therapeutic reasons, I begin my medical readings with a 30 minute session of energy healing known as Wuji Qigong Therapy. "Wuji" is a traditional Taoist term for the etheric field of life-energy that exists as the "seed" (or embryo) of cosmic manifestation. It is often understood to be the "void" or medium from which everything arises. The embryonic field of the Wuji exists prior to your karmic accumulations, prior to your lifetime accumulations. Therefore, people can often experience a "regression" into deep and distant memories, even past-life recollections. 

The energy healing session sets the therapeutic context for the reading of the birth chart. When the body comes into tangible conjunction with the Wuji Field of energy, the entire being is coming into coincidence with the Field of Energy that exists prior to all imbalances. It is precisely by "resonating" in this Field of Energy that fundamental and deep-seated tensions are spontaneously released. People often experience a freedom from identification with their difficulties and life-patterns, and instead feel released into the greater field of life-energy in which they inhere. The most fundamental consideration for health and well-being is the integration of the physical body with the life-energy (or prāna) that sustains us.

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