Medical Astrology Reading

The Medical Reading is my medium for combining Astrology and Medicine. A Medical Reading is not a reading of your birth chart in the same way that a Natal Reading is. The Medical Reading is essentially an Ayurvedic Health Consultation that also examines your birth chart to give a truly holistic assessment of your imbalances and the appropriate treatment protocols.

The Medical Reading is for people who are facing health issues and looking to make changes in diet and lifestyle. In the course of the reading, I will consider the nature of your imbalances and recommend specific dietary and lifestyle adjustments. I may also recommend herbal remedies and additional therapeutic modalities. The systems I work with include Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Homeopathy. For more information about my medical education, see my bio.

With Medical Readings, my intention is not to deliver a one-time reading, but to initiate a process and journey of healing. People usually get their chart read once or twice and then approach their astrologer once a year for a Yearly Reading at most. In contrast to this, I recommend that 2-3 follow-up meetings following the initial Reading. Generally, a follow-up is recommended after two weeks and again after one month. It is one thing to receive all the information and recommendations you need, and another thing to implement them successfully. I consider it my obligation to ensure that my clients are able to implement my recommendations and to have the ability to adjust them according to the nuances of each person.

For more information about Medical Astrology, see my article.

A Medical Reading is $180 and typically requires 60mins. Follow-up consults are $100. (Inquire about discounts if you are interested in more than one follow-up). Payment can be made via PayPal below.

Medical Readings are given via videoconference on Zoom. Zoom is a free videoconference software that you can download here. Please note that when I am giving Medical Readings online, I am working with the limitations of the electronic medium. Therefore, I prefer to give these Readings over video, where I can see you and your constitution. It is recommended to make sure you have video capability on your device and that it is working before the date of the Reading. I do not put a time limit on my readings, but I recommend setting aside 2 hours in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed.

Energy Healing
As an adjunct to the medical reading process, I also offer a form of  energy healing known as Wuji Qigong Therapy. "Wuji" is a traditional Taoist term for the etheric field of life-energy that exists as the "seed" (or embryo) of cosmic manifestation. It is often understood to be the "void" or medium from which everything arises. The embryonic field of the Wuji exists prior to your karmic accumulations, prior to your lifetime accumulations. Therefore, people can often experience a "regression" into deep and distant memories, even past-life recollections. 

When the body comes into tangible conjunction with the Wuji Field of energy, the entire being is brought into coincidence with the Field of Energy that exists prior to all imbalances. It is precisely by "resonating" in this Field of Energy that fundamental and deep-seated tensions are spontaneously released. People often experience a freedom from identification with their difficulties and life-patterns, and instead feel released into the greater field of life-energy in which they inhere. The most fundamental consideration for health and well-being is the integration of the physical body with the life-energy that sustains us.The most profound principle of healing is not the search for a cure, but simply allowing the body-mind to resonate in the state of being that is already healed.

$60/treatment. Treatments last 30mins and can be given from any distance.