Natal Reading

Planetary Prayers by  Alex Grey

Planetary Prayers by Alex Grey

When I am approached for a natal reading, I strive to give you a deeper sense of 1) who you are 2) what you are here to manifest 3) what karmic patterns and strategies are limiting your potential 4) how to harmonize with your highest destiny. A reading lasts an average of 90 minutes.  

The birth chart is the sky you were born under, and is thus a powerful indicator of the type of forces that harmonized with your birth. The birth chart thus reveals the karmic patterns with which you come into this present life, and it shows how those patterns will tend to unfold throughout your life. A natal reading provides an accurate "portrait" of your personality patterns, strategies, and purpose in life.

While an initial reading can give a wealth of information, it is by no means complete. The birth chart itself is like an onion, and the astrologer peels layer by layer. Astrology readings are not a one-time event where you learn about yourself, but a process of self-actualization that should take place in the context of readings over time. I have devised a three phrase process to astrology readings that allows people to understand themselves (phase 1), transform unhealthy patterns to healthy patterns (phase 2), and to refresh this cycle once a year (phase 3). 

Phase 1: A natal reading helps you understand the "why" of your life. Why has your life unfolded the way it has? Why do you excel in some things but struggle in others? Why do you feel the way you do? What are you doing that is preventing your fulfillment in life? If you want to understand more about "what" you can do to live a healthier and happier life, then you should move to phase 2 and consider a medical reading.

Phase 2: A medical reading helps you understand the "what" of your life. What is the cause of your imbalances and from where are they originating? What is your psycho-physical constitution? What can you do to heal from your imbalances? What dietary and lifestyle changes should you make? What kind of herbal therapies would you benefit from? What type of energy-based therapies would you benefit from? What is the means for spiritual healing?

Phase 3: A yearly reading helps you re-integrate with the "why" and "what" of your life in the context of current planetary transits and patterns. Knowing the "why" and the "what", you can consider how to adjust to current astrological realities that are influencing you. 

To schedule a reading, please complete the Consultation Form and email it to Readings are done through videoconference on Zoom or phone at $180 USD for 90minutes. Fees for the reading can be paid via PayPal below.