Prashna is a very useful, efficient, and accurate form of astrological reading. I have not typically offered to do prashna readings because I have consistently observed that the significant majority of questions that people have are answered in the context of full readings. Often, these answers come in unexpected ways and address the question from the depth of its origin. However, it is also true that not everyone is in need of a full reading or can afford a full reading. Therefore, I have started offering prashna readings.

Prashna literally means “question”. A chart is cast for the exact moment the client asks the question, and based on the current planetary placements and other specific factors, the question is answered. My application of prashna astrology is more expansive than simply casting the chart of the moment. In addition to casting the prashna chart, I will invariably look at the natal chart of the querent. I may also use other divinatory methods for answering the question, including Cards of Truth and a form of Tibetan Divination.

If you would like a prashna reading, it is important to carefully consider the question(s) you want to ask, and then to ask them as clearly and directly as possible. Take some time to properly meditate on your question and ask what is important. To book a prashna reading, fill out the Prashna Form below to provide me with your birth data and other significant information for my assessment. Answers will delivered as a written email response of whatever length necessary to adequately answer the question and meaningfully guide the querent. After submitting the form, use the payment button below to make the payment. Once all of this has been received, I will respond to your question within 5 days. The cost of a one question reading is $35 and for a two question reading is $60.

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