Astrologer’s Statement:

How I Work

My approach to astrology is rooted in the astrological systems and traditions originating in Vedic India—yet, like an improvisational musician, I have freed myself to move within these structures. Astrology is profoundly universal, and so there is nothing to be gained by limiting its scope and practice to the passage of culture. The universal wisdom, language, and communication of astrology is what is of value. I have studied the most common schools of Indian astrology, those credited to Maharishi Parashara and his student, Jaimini. Parashara’s astrological focus is psychological and internal (how you feel and why), while Jaimini’s is physical and objective (what you are and have). Both are necessary perspectives if astrology is to be holistic. As an Ayurvedic practitioner and soon to be doctor of Tibetan Medicine, my specialty within astrology is Medical Astrology, but I offer a myriad of readings for different purposes and they are all equally interesting and valuable to me.

My method is intuitively centered. I am reading the person in the moment just as much as I am reading their chart before me. I am open to whatever flows through me in that moment as the necessary communication. Thus, every reading I give is a unique response to the person approaching me. I do not offer formulaic readings of one-liner interpretations based on a recapitulation of textbook techniques. In my view, it is more important to understand the underlying philosophy and psychological import that techniques are based on and intended to illustrate, than it is to develop an obsession with data and calculations.

My focus in readings is essentially Jupiterian. I am interested in the therapeutic potential of astrology readings—not only in terms of physical health, but especially in terms of psychological health. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, optimism and enthusiasm, purpose and meaning, wisdom and joy. My intention is to direct people toward the path of greatest growth and expansion, of deepest purpose and meaning, so that ultimately wisdom can be restored, and innate joy happily rediscovered. Astrologers should be understood as guides, oracles, and shamans of a kind. An astrologer can help bridge the unseen gaps in your life-force, just as an oracle gives you the appropriate foresight, the guide the perfect advice, and the shaman the retrieval of your soul. The role of an astrologer requires responsibility—and because I do not take it lightly, I expect the same from those who come to me for readings. Those who are approaching an astrologer for help with the mundane concerns of life (marriage, career, wealth, etc.), are also welcome to approach me, but let it be known that I am more interested in discovering the deeper roots of such concerns, so that the internal obstacle to its manifestation is removed, as opposed to simply providing a superficial answer. It is in this sense that I am also happy to give predictions, but not blandly, and certainly not blindly.

My calculations are unconventional compared to most Vedic astrologers practicing today. I use the tropical zodiac to calculate signs and the sidereal zodiac to calculate nakshatras, while most Vedic astrologers exclusively use a sidereal zodiac for both. I believe this is a tremendous oversight, one that has even been pointed out in Tibetan astrological texts (see: The Lost Calculation). If you are interested in a sidereal reading of your chart, I would suggest approaching a sidereal astrologer. An astrologer has to use the calculations comfortable to him in order to give a natural reading. Note that I will not indulge readings that are used an opportunity to “test” me, as if my purpose was to demonstrate and prove that my calculation settings are better and more accurate. Such games could not be farther from the astrologer’s function and purpose. Ultimately, you should always approach an astrologer who you trust.

These days, I am especially making use of the Cards of Truth system developed by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm. The cards provide me with a wider range of perspective from which to see deeper layers of patterned interactions and symbols. The rich tapestry of archetypal meaning and psycho-physical synchronicity experienced with the cards makes it a system that is more transparent to my intuition and ability to speak and see in the language and form of unconscious symbols.

In the modern world, the practice of astrology is no longer culturally and economically sanctioned as it once was in traditional cultures. Therefore, the modern astrologer is placed in the awkward position of having to protect the sanctity of his/her work while ensuring financial productivity. I keep my fees as accessible as possible, because I want to be of help to others, and not just available to an exclusive group. As money is simply a representation of life-energy, the paying of an astrologer’s fees enable the lawful physics of the reading to take place auspiciously and effectively. The person approaching the astrologer must offer a part of his/her life-energy, so that the astrologer can combine with it and help heal it. Given the deeper physics of that exchange, I no longer do charity readings. Those who cannot afford a reading are welcome to offer their services or skills in some way, or to consider creative ways to exchange energy for the reading. Similarly, those who are truly in need and have nothing to offer due to misfortunes in life are also welcome to contact me and see what can be arranged.

As for the endless quandary of fate vs. free will, I believe that nothing is absolutely fated, but that there are only unconscious patterns that can potentially govern our entire lives, like an invisible script. The purpose of astrology is to help a person become more conscious of the play they are in fact acting in, and to thus regain the healthy use of will to direct one’s life in harmony. Fate is the default pattern, patterning one’s life as if an endless drone. Destiny is the inherent birthright of all who are born, but it must be chosen and exercised if it is to be fully known. As my Guru, Avatar Adi Da, has said: “We have not sinned in Eden, but we have been born”.

Neeshee Pandit