Current Offerings

I am currently only focusing on Natal Readings and Medical Astrology Readings. If you are interested in a reading for your relationship, choosing an auspicious time (Muhurta), or regarding your finances, then please see my Reports page. These are very accurate and affordable reports created by my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, that tell you what I would have told you in a reading, so I highly recommend them. If you are interested in a reading that is not listed here or available via report, Contact Me

What To Expect

Every astrologer is different because every person is different. I can only give a reading with the gifts that I have, which may not be the gifts that another astrologer has to offer. The truth is that if you are reading this and approaching me for a reading, then it is in your fate to do so, whenever or however that manifests. I have written much on my site, and I hope it provides an opportunity for people to feel how I approach astrology readings. Nonetheless, I feel there are some preliminary understandings that are useful to contemplate before receiving a reading: 

  • If you approach an astrologer for a reading, then let the astrologer read for you. The best thing you can do is listen and allow the flow of the reading to unfold as it will. If you are already schooled in astrology, then let your astrologer know exactly what you are looking for from the reading, so he/she doesn't spend time in the reading just explaining the basics. Otherwise, be open to the subtle ways in which the astrologer may say something that you already know but are now seeing with a different shade of meaning. 
  • Every reading I give is unique, because every chart is unique. I do not follow a formulaic approach to my readings. What I focus on for one person, I may not mention to another. When I open a chart, I allow myself to respond to what is there, and to allow that to guide the reading. I want to read for you, not read as an exercise or show of knowledge and formula. 
  • Ultimately, everyone receives the reading they merit by fate. You are meant to get the reading you receive. Whether you choose to do what an astrologer recommends or not, or whether what an astrologer says comes true or not, it was in some mysterious way exactly what you needed to hear. It is only at this level that we can begin to appreciate the nature of astrology readings, and approach them with a consciousness that is ripe, like a fragrant fruit offering its seeds to time.

Natal Reading

A Vedic natal reading begins with an in-depth examination of the birth chart (or natal chart).  When I am approached for a reading, I strive to give you a deeper sense of 1) who you are 2) what you are here to manifest 3) what karmic patterns and strategies are limiting your potential 4) how to harmonize with your highest destiny. A reading lasts an average of 1.5hrs. 

The birth chart is the sky you were born under, and is thus a powerful indicator of the type of forces that harmonized with your birth. The birth chart therefore reveals the karmic patterns with which you come into this present life, and it shows how those patterns will tend to unfold throughout your life. A natal reading provides an accurate "portrait" of your personality patterns and motivations in life, while also giving indications for specific domains of life such as health, psychology, marriage, career, and spirituality. Any one of these domains can be examined in greater depth, depending on questions you may have. 

While an initial reading can give a wealth of information, it is by no means complete. The birth chart itself is like an onion, and the astrologer peels layer by layer. Astrology readings are not a one-time event where you learn about yourself, but a process of self-actualization that should ideally take place in the context of readings over time. Therefore, I highly encourage clients to consider follow-up readings where certain domains, topics, or questions can be explored in more deeply. A yearly reading which examines important planetary transits in your chart is highly recommended. 

To schedule a reading, please complete the Consultation Form and email it to A birth chart reading is done over Skype, Zoom, UberConference, or phone at $150 USD for 90minutes. Fees for the reading can be paid via PayPal below. 

Medical Astrology Reading

“Ayurvedic astrology shows us how to optimize both factors of our health and our destiny, our vitality and karma, so that we can realize our highest potential in life, with our earthly life following the model of heavenly forces and their consciousness-promoting outcomes. Ayurvedic astrology shows us how we can heal ourselves through the stars, bringing the energies of the cosmos into our lives so that we can once more touch the universal light.”

— Dr. David Frawley

What Is Medical astrology? 
Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that has been in practice since ancient times. It is only in recent times that the practice of medicine has been separated from astrological considerations. As Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, remarked, "A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician". Astrology and medicine were practiced together in Greek medicine by individuals such as Hippocrates and Galen, and has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Tibetan Medicine for thousands of years. 

What To Expect In A Medical Astrology Reading
My approach to medical astrology is constantly evolving as I gain deeper insights into the nature of disease and cure. I am an Ayurvedic practitioner by schooling and practice, and also have learned Tibetan Medicine. In the past, my medical readings were therefore rooted in these traditional medical systems. Recently, I have been intensively studying homeopathy and am finding it to be a much deeper address to imbalances, and also having profound correspondences with astrology. My astrology teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, also practices homeopathy and I have been influenced and guided by his understanding. 

I will be using the homeopathic approach combined with astrology for medical readings for some time. Those who would like a medical reading should complete the questionnaire linked below. The medical reading will be in the form of an interview and examination of your chart. On that basis, I will prescribe a remedy for you. I may also prescribe certain dietary and lifestyle changes that I have found effective in my Ayurvedic practice. 

To schedule a reading, please complete the Medical Astrology Questionnaire and email it to Medical Astrology readings are given over Skype video or Zoom video only at $150USD for 60mins. Payment can be made via PayPal below. Once the Form and payment have been received, the reading will be scheduled via email. 

Energy Healing
For those who are approaching astrology for therapeutic reasons, I also offer a unique remedial measure to affect the deepest level of healing--a form of  energy healing known as Wuji Qigong Therapy. "Wuji" is a traditional Taoist term for the etheric field of life-energy that exists as the "seed" (or embryo) of cosmic manifestation. It is often understood to be the "void" or medium from which everything arises. The embryonic field of the Wuji exists prior to your karmic accumulations, prior to your lifetime accumulations. Therefore, people can often experience a "regression" into deep and distant memories, even past-life recollections. 

When the body comes into tangible conjunction with the Wuji Field of energy, the entire being is brought into coincidence with the Field of Energy that exists prior to all imbalances. It is precisely by "resonating" in this Field of Energy that fundamental and deep-seated tensions are spontaneously released. People often experience a freedom from identification with their difficulties and life-patterns, and instead feel released into the greater field of life-energy in which they inhere. The most fundamental consideration for health and well-being is the integration of the physical body with the life-energy that sustains us.The most profound principle of healing is not the search for a cure, but simply allowing the body-mind to resonate in the state of being that is already healed.

$60/treatment. Treatments last 30mins and can be given from any distance. 

Vedic Gemstone Reading

A Vedic gemstone reading is given in the form of a written report. After analyzing your chart (including divisional charts), I will make recommendations for gemstones you could consider wearing to strengthen certain planetary influences in your life. The cost of a gemstone reading is $60 USD.

To learn more about my approach to gemstone therapy, please read the information below. 

What Is Gemstone Therapy?
Gemstones are one of the most effective and accessible remedial measures in Vedic astrology. Gemstones are receptacles of light, powerful conductors of energy. They are used in Vedic astrology for their ability to directly transmit planetary energies when worn on the body. Gemstones are, first and foremost, minerals. Minerals are not only essential for life, but they are the primary means by which life-energy is conducted in the body. Through proper nutritious diet, we provide our bodies with the array of minerals it needs to maintain optimum levels of well-being. For example, Shilajit, one of the most revered rejuvenatives of Ayurvedic and Tibetan Medicine, contains over 85 trace minerals.

Gemstones are the minerals of the Earth's body. They come in various colors and shapes. Gemstones are essentially a form of energy therapy. When gemstones are worn such that they make contact with the skin, they transmit tiny currents of energy which may even be tangible to some people. The stones directly affect the etheric field of the body. When a planetary influence is weak in one's chart, wearing a gemstone is effective because it directly transmits the energy that is lacking. I base my gemstone recommendations from the system of gemstone therapy created by my teacher, Ersnt Wilhelm. 

The Wilhelm System of Gemstone Therapy
The Wilhelm system is not actually a new system. Rather, it most accurately reflects what has been written in the ancient texts. As gemstone therapy is primarily a form of color therapy, the color of gems is a significant indicator of its astrological relevance. In Wilhelm's system, the colors correspond to the color of the signs as indicated in the ancient astrological texts, and the crystalline structure of the gem corresponds to the planets. Thus, a ruby is typically used for the Sun, but in the Wilhelm system, a ruby's crystalline structure corresponds to Venus, and if it is of a red color, it corresponds to Aries. 

Aside from the Wilhelm system, all other methods of gemstone therapy only consider a gemstone’s color when assigning it to a planet.  Thus, all green gems are for Mercury, all yellow gems are for Jupiter, all blue gems are for Saturn, and so on.  However, as can be determined by simple inspection, a blue turquoise looks and feels very different than a blue sapphire.  These gems feel different because they have different crystalline structures and because they refract light differently.  Thus, they will also conduct planetary energies differently.  The Wilhelm system takes these differences into account in a systematic manner.

Crystalline Structure
All gemstones exhibit one of seven possible crystalline structures.  In the Wilhelm system, each of the seven physical planets (Rahu and Ketu are the nodes of the Moon, which are not physically manifested) is associated with one of these seven crystalline structures.  All gems with a given crystalline structure can be used to strengthen the planet that “rules” that structure.

Five of the seven crystalline structures are doubly refractive, that is to say they bend light two different ways as it passes through them, thereby producing two different rays of refraction.  Gems with doubly refractive crystalline structures are assigned to the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, since these planets rule two signs of the Zodiac each.  One of the signs that they rule is "yang" (or masculine) and the other is "yin" (or feminine).  The ray that bends less is associated with the yang sign.  The ray that bends more is associated with the yin sign.  The singly refractive crystalline structures are given to the Sun and Moon, which rule one sign each. 

To complete the system, colors are assigned to the 12 signs of the Zodiac as follows:  Aries – red; Taurus – white; Gemini – blue; Cancer – pink; Leo – yellow; Virgo – scintillating; Libra – green; Scorpio – brown; Sagittarius – orange; Capricorn – multicolor; Aquarius – violet; Pisces – clear. 

All gemstones of the color of a sign are associated with that sign.  For example, all red gems belong to Aries, all blue gems to Gemini, all yellow gems to Leo, and so on.  This color scheme is based on the colors assigned to the signs in the ancient Vedic Astrology texts.  These texts also assigned the colors grey and black to the Moon's nodes, Rahu and Ketu.

The Complete System
Combining color and crystalline structure gives a system in which there is a different gemstone for each planet (based on its crystalline structure) in each of the 12 signs (based on its color).  A gemstone’s refractive characteristic adds the final dimension to the system.  It allows one to choose a gem for either the male or the female sign ruled by those planets which rule two signs. 

Thus, a gemstone can be systematically chosen to strengthen the beneficial energy of any planet in any sign where that planet is weak.  This system works with well over 100 different gemstones, including everything from diamonds, rubies and sapphires to semi-precious gemstones such as jade, amethyst and fluorite.   

To schedule a gemstone reading, please complete the Consultation Form and email to Gemstone readings are given in the form of a written report for $75 USD. Payment can be made via PayPal below.  

The Psycho-Physics of Astrology Readings

Astrologers read the charts of those they are meant to. How you find me and how I end up reading your chart and helping you in your life's journey is a complete mystery. I take astrology readings very seriously and spend significant time examining the charts of those who approach me for readings. I ask that if you schedule a reading with me that you do the same and provide a quiet and set-apart environment in which to receive the reading. An astrology reading can be a profound moment in your life. The role of an astrologer is that of a servant, a counselor, an oracle. Therefore, I am obliged to share with you what I see in your chart that is significant for you to know--even if it may not be easy to hear. I am also here to help you process what you may learn in the most positive way and to move forward with a sense of inspiration and innate purpose. 

What can you expect from an astrologer and an astrology reading? My teacher, Ernst Wilhelm, covers this interesting topic in the following video which I highly recommend watching before receiving an astrology reading: 

Relative to the fees for my readings, my fees are based on what is average in the U.S. among experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. However, as astrology is fundamentally a sacred service, no one is denied a reading due to financial inability. Traditionally, astrologers were accommodated in the courts of Kings and did not need to charge for their services. In modern times, astrologers have to make a living while still staying true to their sacred art.  In light of these principles, I have a standard rate for those who can afford it, but also offer my services to all according to their own means. If you are sincere and cannot afford the full cost of any of the readings above, please contact me and let me know what you can afford.

Check out my Testimonials page to read the experience of individuals who have had readings with me.

Zodiacs and Ayānamsha

Those who are familiar with astrology know that there is an age-old debate around which zodiac to use: tropical or sidereal? In the days of the ancient astrologers, the two zodiacs were in sync. Due to the phenomenon of equinoxal precession, over thousands of years, the position of the vernal equinox has changed. The difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiac is now nearly 1 sign (30 degrees) apart. The calculation of the difference between these two zodiacs is known as "ayānamsha". If you have had a Vedic astrology reading before, then it was most likely done with the sidereal zodiac.

In contrast to this approach, I acknowledge that there are simply two zodiacs and use both. I use the tropical zodiac to determine the signs the planets are in and I use the sidereal zodiac to determine the nakshatras (or constellations) the planets are in. There is evidence to suggest that the Indians originally used a tropical zodiac. There is also great controversy in the Vedic astrological community on which ayanamsha is correct. I use the Dhruva Galactic Center (Middle of Mula) ayanamsha, established by my teacher Ernst Wilhelm. Ultimately, a good astrologer can give you a good reading despite the calculations he or she uses because a true reading goes deeper than what is visible. 

To read more on this topic, see my article, Beyond The Zodiacal Debate.