Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report

The Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report cuts to the chase and looks at the bottom line of you and your partner's relationship.

  1. Does your relationship flow in such a way that there is room for both of you to feel loved and respected?
  2. Are you naturally attuned to each other or are you on a different wavelength?
  3. Will destiny obstruct your relationship making it impossible for you to be completely together, or will any present obstacles in the way of your full commitment to each other go away in time?
  4. Does your relationship attract endless troubles and difficulties, or will it settle down and allow you to build a productive life together?
  5. Are you both equally assertive so that you can have a true partnership without one person dominating the relationship?
  6. And the bottom line - will your relationship flow in such a way that you both become better, happier people and more loving?

Order your Personalized Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report to find out if he or she is the right man or woman for you.

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Birth Time Requirements: Ideally birth time should be accurate for both you and your partner, so get your birth data off your birth certificate if you do not already have it. If you do not know your or your partner's exact birth time, but just know the general hour or time of day, then you can still get the report but you will have to ignore the Assertiveness part of the report. This is the last part of the report, found at the end of the report. It is the least important part of the Vedic Relationship Compatibility.