Yearly Reading


Every 365.25 days, the Earth completes its orbit of the Sun, returning to its starting position, signaling the beginning of the New Year at the macro level. Similarly, when the Sun returns to its natal position at the time of birth, a new year begins at the micro level. The juxtaposition of these two energetic arcs is the pattern of the new year in a person's life. Thus, the birthday (or solar return) is the marker of a new pattern in the life of a person that can be examined astrologically.

For the person born with Sun in Taurus, the exact moment when the Sun enters Taurus again marks the initiation of that new pattern. The chart that is cast for this exact moment is the Yearly Chart. Although the Sun is the marker of the new year, the year itself is comprised of complex patterns involving the interaction of all 9 planets. The study of patterns is essentially a study of energy, which is always rising and falling. There are times in the year where the energy appears to be rising, bringing positive results and expansion and other times the energy appears to be falling, bringing challenges, hard work, and perseverance. Such is the polarity of life—contracting and expanding. In astrology, the planets who have an expansive influence are known as "saumya" or "gentle" planets, and the planets who have a contracting influence are known as "krura" or "cruel" planets (most astrologers refer to these two categories simply as "benefic" and "malefic"). The interplay of these two types of planets produces the dynamic of life. Thus, every year is wrought with its own dynamics—it is only by understanding this unique ebb and flow that we can strike the chords of harmony and participate in the mysterious unfolding that is life.

In Vedic astrology, the Yearly Chart is known as Varshaphala, or "fruits of the year". The Varshaphala chart gives the indications for the new year, such as what will be of primary focus in the new year, which planets will play the most significant role, and the unique successes and challenges of the new year. I consider the Varshaphala chart to be one of the most accurate charts to make predictions from. Interestingly, the Varshaphala chart (and methodology) comes from the system of Tajika astrology originating in Persia. It is due to the work of the Indian astrologer-scholar Neelakantha that this system of astrology was incorporated and finally preserved in the context of Vedic astrology. 

In a Yearly Reading, I focus on the Varshaphala chart, planetary transits, and the Cards of Truth system. As an astrologer, I am interested in seeing patterns, and the more universally those patterns emerge, the more accurately I can describe and predict them for my clients. The Yearly Spread in the Cards of Truth system offers another means for reading the yearly patterns. I especially use the Cards to give a month-by-month analysis of the year and to confirm what I am seeing in the Varshaphala chart. I find that the Varshaphala chart gives me the the best sense of the overall pattern of the year, the Cards of Truth gives a microscopic view of those patterns, and the transits show the biggest shifts for the person. The combination of Varshaphala, Cards of Truth, and transits provides a uniquely holistic reading of the new year in a person's life. 

The Yearly Reading is for anyone looking to understand the next year of their life, and its the perfect gift for someone's birthday. While beneficial to everyone, this reading is especially useful for those who have had at least a Natal reading with me. I view my readings as a developmental process unfolding in three phases, with each reading belonging to a phase. At Phase 1, the Natal reading establishes the "who" and "why" of your life, helping your understand who you are and why the patterns of your life are as they are. The Medical reading begins Phase 2, where a person begins to integrate the knowledge of the natal reading into their daily life to become healthier and more balanced. The Yearly reading is Phase 3 and it seeks to integrate all that has come before it into the context of the new year. 

Readings are done through videoconference on Zoom or via phone at $180 USD. Fees for the reading can be paid via PayPal below.